1) Lift and Honor God

  • Encourage church members to lift and honor our God through self and family devotional time. Let everyone has a heart that longs for God, building the foundation of one on one worship with God through family.
  • Increase the Sunday worship standard. We focus on the important role that leaders play in the worship. Encourage speakers, facilitator, music worship, translator, choir, musician, special worship, and usher to pursue higher standards and results.

2) Develop Christ’s believers

  • Encourage cell groups or fellowships participation, attend Sunday school and various church activities as taught in the bible: “not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another”.
  • Develop new disciples to be church’s members. Increase spiritual growth through active participation in the new Christian life. This includes attending church worship, Sunday school, cell groups, and fellowship.
  • Strengthen Sunday school teachers and cell group leaders’ bible teaching level through active engagement and systematic methodology. Lead believers to interact with each other and promote change in believers’ life.

3) Spread the Gospel

  • Promote the significance of the Great Commission locally and globally. Make the Great Commission as a part of life, and bear each individual Christian’s obligations.
  • Encourage church members to share their faith and testimony as part of their daily lives with non-believers.


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