The Mission CBCNC

Our Mission:

  • The mission of the Chinese Bible Church of North Carolina (CBCNC) is to bring glory to God through exalting Jesus Christ as Lord, edifying the believers to grow into maturity, and evangelizing the world locally and globally. The ministry of the church emphasizes relationship with God, spiritual growth and care for the lost through worship, fellowship, and Christian education and gospel outreach.

Our Objectives:

  • Scripture mandates a threefold missions for the church: The exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the edification of His church, and the evanglization of the world. In concert with this mission, the leadership of our Mother Church, Chinese Bible Church of Maryland in 1989 prayerfully drafted a set of objectives that will posture our church's ministries and activities toward fulfilment of her calling.
  • The leadership humbly resubmits the same church-wide objectives of God and His people, seeking His enablement and blessing, and their cooperation; and growhth.

Exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ

Objective 1. Encourage our congregation to exalt our Lord through regular personal and family devotions. Our God is a personal God who seeks those who would worship Him. It is our hope, therefore, that everyone strives to worship his God on a one-to-one basis and with his family unit.

Objective 2. Enhance the quality of our corporate Sunday worship. We recognize the critical role the worship leaders have. We will encouarge our speakers, moderators, song leaders, interpreters, choir members, musicians, special singers, and ushers to attain even higher levels of effectiveness.

Edification of the Church

Objective 3. Encourage church members to join a cell group or fellowship group, and to attend Sunday School and church-wide functions regularly. Scripture teaches the importance of believers "not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together... (for the purpose of) exhorting on another."

Objective 4. Intergrete new believers into the body life of the church. Proper spiritual growth can only be sustained when a new believer participates fully in corporate worship, Sunday school, and a cell group or fellowship group.

Objective 5. Enhance the quality of Sunday school teachers and cell group leaders. They are to facilitate a life impact through the vital and systematic interaction between believers and Scripture and among believers. We seek their increased effectiveness as facilitators.

Evanglization of the world

Objective 6. Promote the Great Commission in both its local and global implications through all church ministries. We hope each member recognizes his personal responsibility for obeying this mandate as a lifestyle.

Objective 7. Encourage member to share their faith with nonbelievers as a normal, vital part of their life.

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Our Vision:

We envision CBCNC to be a full service 21st century church that excels in producing generations of disciples and Christian workers from a diversity of cultural and language profiles through the three fold objective of Exaltation of Jesus Christ, Edification of Believers, and Evangelization of the World.

Our Purpose:

Our Church is non-denominational, Christ-centered, Biblically based, evangelistic, and diversified in service.

The purpose of this Church is to make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will hold Sunday Worship Services, various kinds of Christian fellowship, Regional Cell Groups and Prayer Meetings to meet the needs of our Christian community. Our sincere desire is that all may receive from God the abundant life as well as joy and peace that is in Christ Jesus.

We accept everyone who professes the Lordship of Jesus Christ in his/her life, and welcome anyone who seeks to know Him!